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I started this blog to document my research, my technical development and to learn more about Italian ceramics. Posts will be based on a wide range of topics related to clay arts. I will cover different techniques taken from inspiring contemporary ceramists and artists, exhibitions, galleries and much more inherent in this wonderful world.

Over the last few years, I have been studying this subject in depth with Giorgio Robustelli by my side, an artist with a great heart who has taught me so much. In my artistic career I have met several artists and ceramists who have provided me with various tips and tricks of the trade and have inspired me a great deal. Yet, Giorgio remains my mentor, not only at work but, most of all, in life. For more than a year now, we have been getting together daily at the furnace, and have been living different experiences together. I am very lucky to have met him and his wife Annunciata who have now become part of my family.

I mainly work at Fornaci Ibis, an old ceramic workshop near Cunardo, the town where I live. I create both functional ceramics and sculptural works, mainly handmade. My aim is to carry on “Italian ceramics”. My facilities are often characterised by the theme of balance, because I like to explore themes of peaceful living. I have recently been exploring “Democritus’ atomism” deeper, a central theme in my work.

I still have plenty to learn, but by sharing my small amount of knowledge here I hope to support my fellow explorers and contribute to the resurgence of the ceramic arts.

If you wish to see more of my ceramic artwork, visit my Instagram page @keramo_ceramic and contact me if you have any queries, I will be super happy to answer and meet you!

I hope this blog offers you a taste of the warmth and inspiration that this wonderful material can offer, let’s support Italian ceramics!